Beyond the Superpowers 


Beyond the Superpowers: 

Music Appreciation


          As part of our program, we are excited to help the girls explore careers in the entertainment industry. Each of these specialized programs provides an intensive experience that allows the girls to have an in-depth understanding of various careers in the entertainment industry and how to build the skills necessary for that career. Listed below are more details about our program offerings:

  • Master Class Series: These classes focus on songwriting, music production, film, and video production. During their first year, the girls will participate in a year-long songwriting class, and the girls will have an opportunity to record the songs they have created. As a last session to the class, the girls will have an opportunity to meet with professional female songwriters.

  • Artist in the Residence Program (AIR): The girls get to meet with different types of artists each month during a special session. This program helps highlight the different ways that the girls can be an artist.


Beyond The Superpowers: 
Service Learning Program

          In addition to our Super Power Youth Development Curriculum, we have special programs that help support the development of the girls in our program. One such program is our Service Learning Program (SLP). Every year, the girls in the program will participate in a year-long service-learning program. Our SLP program allows the girls to learn about issues in their community, helps teach civic participation, and helps them develop a sense of service and personal responsibility. SLP topics include but are limited to education, water, child labor, hungry, and homelessness. All SLP projects follow the format outlined below:

  • Investigate and Learn About the Issue

  • Create an Action Plan

  • Take Action

  • Report, Reflect, and Celebrate


Beyond the Superpowers: 

Extracurricular Activities

          In addition to our Super Power Youth Development Curriculum, we have amazing extracurricular activities that help support the overall development of the girls in our program. Our after school program is Monday through Friday, four hours each day. The last hour of each day, the girls have an opportunity to participate in new extracurricular activities. These activities rotate by quarter to ensure the girls are exposed to a range of different activities. Over the years, the girls have participated in extracurricular activities like coding, sewing, acting, ballet, tap, jazz, cooking, origami, Capoeira and so much more! The girls have an opportunity to showcase all of their learning during our quarterly showcases.

Photo - Capoeira Session.jpg

Beyond The Superpowers: 
Connections Program

          Mentorship is an incredibly important part of our programming. Given that we continue to work with the same girls every year, building a strong network of support for each girl is incredibly important for their success. We work with Big Brothers, Big Sisters to add another layer of support for the girls in our program. We help support the partnership in the following ways:

  • Help match the girls with mentors

  • Ensure the requirement for monthly meetings is fulfilled

  • Provide invitations to all events like showcases, ideation days, sports events, etc.

  • A yearly celebration of their commitment


Beyond the Superpowers: 

Sports Leagues & Teams

          We work with schools that are under-resourced and do not have the resources to provide sports and team-based activities to their students. Our programming helps develop well-rounded superpowered girls, and sports is an important component of that development. Sports can help develop positive self-esteem, help build confidence, and help the girls understand the importance of teamwork. As such, we help ensure that the girls have access to sports by offering our own Sports Leagues, The sports rotate on a quarterly basis and can be found below:

  • Lacrosse

  • Basketball

  • Volleyball

  • Soccer

          We also offer the girls an opportunity to try out for our Cheerleading team and StepTeam both of which perform during our sporting tournaments and showcases.


Beyond The Superpowers: 
Field Trip & Excursions

          Field trips are an incredibly important part of our overall programming. They help the girls bond and help our new families bond over shared experiences. Our program only works with the support of our families, and our field trips help build a stronger sense of community. Also, girls in the program, as well as their families, are required to participate in a certain number of field trips, family days, and parent outings a year to demonstrate their commitment to our program. Listed below are more details about the types of field trips we host:

  • Pop-Up Field Trips: These field trips are just for the girls in the program. We do not detail the date of the field trip to the girls so the field trips are always a surprise. Pop-Up field trips have helped increase our daily attendance because no one wants to miss out!

  • Family Day Field Trips: Each girl is allowed to attend with one adult family member, and it is a great way for families to be able to connect while having some fun.

  • Parent's Night Out: This is only for the Parents! A few times a year, the parents get to have some fun with other parents in the program.