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Special Programming

Music Appreciation.

Each of our specialized music appreciation programs allows Super 7 Girls to gain an in-depth understanding of various career paths in the entertainment industry. 


  • ​Master Class Series. Songwriting, music production, film, and video production. During year one, girls write and record songs and meet with women songwriters. 


  • Artist-in-Residence Program. Monthly, the girls meet with artists from various backgrounds, showing girls there are many paths to a life of art.

Service Learning Program (SLP).

Girls practice civic participation by completing a project on a topic of their choice (education, child labor, hunger, homelessness). Over the year-long program, girls investigate the issue, create and execute action plans, and celebrate successes.

Connections Program.

A big brother or sister works with each girl to ensure they're growing in all the ways they can, and meeting the Super 7 Girl requirements.

Extracurricular Activities.

Extracurriculars take place in the final hour of each Super 7 Girl day. Activities, which rotate quarterly, have included coding, sewing, acting, ballet, dance, cooking, origami, capoeira, and more. Girls highlight their learnings during quarterly showcases.


Just a few of our community partners: 

  • Ballet and circus arts (Joffrey Ballet, Circesteem) 

  • Filmmaking and performance arts (Chicago Filmmakers, Stages Performing Arts)

  • Gardening (The Chicago Botanical Gardens)

  • Cooking (The Kids' Table) 

  • Team sports and fitness (Game On Sports, Girls in the Game) 

  • Design (Bitspace, Wishcraft Studio)

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Sports Leagues + Teams.

Our sports leagues rotate quarterly. Girls can play lacrosse, basketball, soccer, and volleyball. They can also cheer or perform step during sports tournaments and showcases.

Trips + Excursions.

Super 7 Girls and their families are required to participate in annual field trips, family days, and parent outings. 

  • Field Trips.
    Some of these trips are pure fun — like our time at Windy City Ninjas. Others are “superpowered,” like our Chicago Street Art tours, which further ignite our imaginations. 


  • Pop-Up Trips.
    These surprise outings, announced on the day of the event and not in advance, are just for the girls. (Sorry, mom or dad!). The element of surprise increases attendance. You wouldn’t want to miss a Beyonce concert or backstage meeting with Janelle Monae either!


  • Family Day Trips.
    Girls attend these outings with one adult relative, fostering family connection. We’ve visited an apple orchard and managed to scare ourselves silly at Six Flags’ Fright Fest. 


  • Parents’ Night Out.
    Super 7 Girls isn’t just fun for the girls! Several times a year, parents get to know each other as a community. We’ve created art at a Paint & Sip evening, taken a Chicago Pizza Tour and enjoyed Murder Mystery dinner theater. 

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